Physics Lab Assistants and Instructors
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois

Day Time 103   Lab Assistant   Instructor 203   Lab Assistant   Instructor
Monday 2:30-4:20 L1 Ying Zhao Nathan Frank L1   Allison Pease Cecilia Vogel
Tuesday 8:30-10:20 L2 Eric Pohl Nathan Frank      
Tuesday 12:30-2:20 L3 Evan Murphy James Wetzel  
Tuesday 2:30-4:20 L4 Ali Rabeh James Wetzel L2 Matthew Des Biens Cecilia Vogel
Thursday 8:30-10:20 L5 Ryan McCarthy Nathan Frank L3 Lauren Johnson Lee Carkner
Thursday 12:30-2:20 L6 Mercedes Vanopdorp Nathan Frank L4 William Lawrence James Wetzel
Lauren Johnson Evan Murphy Eric Pohl Mercedes Vanopdorp
Ying Zhao Allison Pease Ali Rabeh Ryan McCarthy
William Lawrence Matthew Des Biens