Courses in Physics and Astronomy
Winter 2016-2017

PHYS-102 Principles of Physics II
Thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and electronics. Lectures and two-hour lab weekly.
Joshua Dyer (01) and Jim van Howe (02)
PHYS-202 Basic Physics II
Elements of wave phenomena, sound, thermodynamics and optics. Lectures, one-hour discussion, two-hour lab weekly. Prerequisite: 201.
Lee Carkner
PHYS-105 Acoustics
Vibrations and waves, perception and measurement of sound, musical instruments, the human ear and voice, electrical production of sound, acoustics of rooms, electronic music and environmental noise. Lectures and two-hour lab weekly.
Jim van Howe
PHYS-351 Advanced Lab II
Selected experiments in optics including photography, interference, diffraction, dispersion and holography. Prerequisites: 301 and 351.
Bill Peterson
PHYS-401 Introductory Quantum Physics
Quantum theory, development of quantum mechanics and application to atomic phenomena. (Offered in alternate years.) Prerequisite: 301.
Cecilia Vogel