Augustana Physics Alumni

The Physics/Pre-Engineering Alumni Directory is available online. The directory is password protected. The individual files are encrypted making them useless to Google and other search engines.

Here is the general Augustana alumni webpage. Follow "Update your information", if appropriate.

In 2002 we started a Commencement Photo Archive. Here is the most recent picture.

May 22, 2016
First row:  Robert Holmquist, Joshua Dyer, Nathan Frank, Cecilia Vogel
Second row:  Luke Toppel, Brandon Motzel, Lee Carkner, Bill Peterson

2016 Graduates

Jonathan Bryk
Scott Davis
Ian Deggendorf
Robert Holmquist
Eric Meinhart
Brandon Motzel
Patrick Nelson

Kaylee Nolan
Jeffrey Prior
Torr Randau
Jason Roemer
Cody Speroff
Luke Toppel




Last update:  May 22, 2016